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Ameias or battlements is a 16th century house ideal for relaxing. 

With two distinct parts: The Original House in the old part built on the basis of the existing ruins; and the Nova part the swimming pool and the rooms adjacent to the chapel.

Queen D. Amélia 's bedroom with bathtub inside the bedroom is one of the ex-libris of Casa das Ameias. D. Carlota room  dedicated to the last owner of the family  nobre.

Themed kitchen with island, waterfall inside and wine cellar Fernando Pessoa.. 

At the bottom is the Museum of Pastel de Vouzela , with a history  from this famous Pastel to the present day. 

In every corner of this house a different story to discover.

desenho casa das ameias01.jpg

Project Draft

Draft of the initial idea of the project by the Architect Álvaro Pereira.

Combine the white concrete with the existing ruins of the house.

And mix the battlements of the 15th century  with a modern hanging visor. 


A 19th century postcard

Casa das Ameias was one of the important houses in the village of Vouzela, 

In ruins for several years, it has been completely renovated since 2021. 

Former doctor Dr. Gil Cabral gave consultations on the 1st floor on the left, where the current room D is. Carlota, being one of the first places to have x-rays in Vouzela.

Casa Das Ameias-90.jpg

In Praça da Republica in Vouzela is located the “Casa das Ameias”, a 16th century house that belonged to one of the oldest families in the region of Lafões “Homem Telles”.

The lineage of this family is exposed in the house until the last owner Dona Ana Carlota  Telles de Almeida Castelo Branco friend of Queen Dona Amélia where she spent her holidays in this emblematic house when visiting the Lafões Region.

Inserted in the house is the Chapel of São João Batista with the coat of arms of the Almeida family in full, a chapel considered the “relic of the house” with a lot of soul, a space that is worth noting.

St. John the Baptist

Here you can discover the roots  do Pastel, through the Route of Pastel de Vouzela or through the Livro do Pastel de Vouzela .  


This book is the basis of this small museum that, through reports and interviews, the history and secrets of this Pastel were discovered.


Becoming a living record told by the grandchildren and children of the first producers.  

from Pastel
from Vouzela


A winery is created, a space dedicated to Fernando Pessoa where Lafões wine was made, integrated in the wine and historical route of Lafões wines.


Casa das Ameias also offers a unique space, the interpretive center of a convent sweet that was born in the 19th century in Vouzela, “Pastel de Vouzela Museum”. Not to be missed, discover the Vouzela Pastel Route guided by Counselor Moraes de Carvalho and his wife Maria Soares de Moraes. 


Last but not least, the original doors of Casa das Ameias are exposed in an unexpected space... “O Museu das Portas” Visit us!

Ancient Side

In the resting place, tunnels sprout where you can relax and gain energy to discover all the Heritage of the Lafões Region, there are seven spaces that represent seven hundred years of the Casa das Ameias family where you can feel the taste of nature.

In addition to the bedrooms, there is also a small kitchen.

Next to the rooms, you can watch the sunset pool with a breathtaking view of the Magic Mountains.



New Side

Casa Das Ameias-3.jpg
Casa Das Ameias-9.jpg

A multipurpose space where the old doors of Casa das Ameias are exposed and identified,   you can also appreciate a mural by Bob Targino from Casa das Ameias with typical figures from Feira de Vouzela, one of the first fairs in Portugal.



Museum of Doors


Project Mockup

House of battlements
National Tourism Registry No. 9990

century house XXI in Praça da República in Vouzela, easily recognizable   by the battlements on top of the house. It was the subject of an architectural intervention by the architect Álvaro Pereira. 

A mixture of the modern and the old where the granite left by the ruins of the house mixes with the white concrete. 

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