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Project designation | house of battlements


Project code | CENTRO-04-3827-FEDER-001583


Main purpose | Promoting the sustainability and quality of employment and supporting labor mobility


Intervention region | center


Beneficiary entity | Maria Celeste da Silva Coutinho Carvalho


Approval date | 2020-06-05

Start date | 2018-05-18

Completion date | 2021-05-31

Total eligible cost | 94,007.61 EUR


European Union financial support | ERDF – 56,404.57 EUR


Casa das Ameias is located in the parish of Vouzela. It is a historic and emblematic building of the village.


The intervention building is located in the center of the village, next to places of religious and tourist interest.


One of the main success factors of the promoter and differentiator will be the big bet on 3 major links in tourism: Heritage, Culture and Sweets.


The objective of this operation is to provide Casa das Ameias with the physical and technical means to act in three main areas:


- A clear bet on a unique space for events in the county. Casa das Ameias becomes a space with more than 800 square meters available for holding various events;


- Bet on regional sweets with a clear contribution to the dissemination of the same. Here the pastel de Vouzela will be King and will be promoted through the sale and through the promotion of the Pastel Route;


- The aim of this project is to actively contribute to the dynamism of the region, with a clear focus on tourism and the services inherent to it, thus investing in a rapidly expanding and revenue generating sector.


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